La Famiglia

Anna and Alfredo are both originally from Naples, Italy.  Soon after they married and had their first child Eva, they moved to The United States.  Having grown up working in clothing shops, Anna and Alfredo, both master tailors, opened a small tailor shop in Buckhead.  At the same time, the couple, were  both passionate about food and cooking, constantly entertaining guests at their home, all ranting and raving about her sauce recipes and his delicious desserts.  Both dreamed of one day opening a restaurant and being able to share their love of Italian cuisine.  In 1989, Anna's nephew Salvatore, made his journey to the United States to visit, but fell in love with "America" and decided to stay.  Salvatore, from the moment he arrived, began to work in many of Atlanta's top dining venues.  Then, in 1998, Salvatore, with his restaurant experience, coupled with Anna's recipes and Alfredo's desserts, opened the doors to Salvatore Trattoria

Angelo and Francesco both grew up helping their parents in the kitchen preparing meals and learning family recipes.  Although both have been involved in working at the restaurant since inception, it wasn't until 2006 that the two brothers officially joined forces and rebranded to Amalfi Ristorante. 

Now, after almost 17 years in Roswell, Anna, Alfredo, Salvatore, Angelo and Francesco, still continue to offer the best Italian Atlanta has to offer.

  Anna Avino    Executive Chef

Anna Avino

Executive Chef

  Francesco Avino    Pastry Chef / Assistant Chef

Francesco Avino

Pastry Chef / Assistant Chef

  Alfredo Avino    Assistant Pastry Chef  

Alfredo Avino

Assistant Pastry Chef  

  Angelo Avino    General Manager

Angelo Avino

General Manager

  Salvatore Mattiello    Wine Specialist

Salvatore Mattiello

Wine Specialist